Michael Cohen, considering his situation (AP Photo, Mary Altaffer)

Editorial April 21, 2018: Will Cohen Flip?

For now, the main question regarding the Trump investigation is whether Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal attorney, will cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. A week ago Monday, FBI agents used a judge-approved search warrant to raid Cohen’s home and office. Although Trump vented about violation of attorney-client privilege, there is

The USS Monterey fires a Tomahawk land attack missile on April 14, 2018 (AFP by Tony GAMAL-GABRIEL)

April 14, 2018: Trump Finds a Distraction from the Cohen Raid in Attack on Syria

A year ago Trump ordered 59 cruise missiles fired to attack a Syrian airbase in response to Syrian President Assad using Sarin nerve gas against his own people.  Since then Syria has used chemical weapons against its citizens at least five documented times prior to its attack with chlorine gas

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross chuckles over his citizenship question for the 2020 census (AP)

March 31, 2018: Republicans Warp Democracy and Now Try It with the Census

Republicans have an ongoing problem:   Majorities of Americans oppose Republican positions on many Republican primary objectives, such as slashing taxes for the rich, cutting back Obamacare healthcare insurance, reducing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, and ending regulations that protect specific items like the environment and net neutrality.  As a result,

John Dowd, Trump's lawyer, demands an end to the Mueller investigation. (CNNPolitics)

Editorial, March 18, 2018: Trump Sets the Stage for Firing Mueller

Until now, Trump has publicly insisted that he was cooperating fully with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections and related matters.  One issue has been whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.  Yesterday Trump tweeted that “The Mueller probe should never have

McCabe fired. (Chip Somodevilla, Getty Images)

The Review, March 17, 2018: Russia, Russia and Russia; In Like a Lamb; McCabe Fired Prior to Pension

On Monday, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee ended its investigation of Russian interference into the 2016 election over the objections of Committee Democrats.  The Republicans said there was no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia – and rejected an official U.S. intelligence-community determination that Russian President Vladimir Putin

Donald J. Trump and Kim Jong Un (abcnews.go.com)

Editorial, March 10, 2018: Danger with Trump and North Korea.

Given Trump’s bellicosity towards North Korea, his proposed talks with its leader, Kim Jung Un, provide at least some temporary reassurance.  Talking generally is better than war.  Still, Trump’s proposal, which surprised even the South Koreans, has a good chance of turning out badly. Summit meetings between countries’ leaders are

South Korean soldier walks past a television screen in Seoul. (Jung Yeon-je/AFP/Getty Images)

The Review, March 10, 2018: Back Channel With Russia, Tariff War on Allies, Meeting With North Korea

It was just another week of expanded Russia investigations, Presidential action to damage the U.S. economy and botched Trump diplomacy.  We learned that George Nader, a Lebanese-American businessman, testified before Mueller’s grand jury.   In January 2017, before Trump took office, Nader helped organize and attended a meeting in the Seychelles